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How To Contour Sand Like A Pro & Eliminate Hand Sanding For Good!

Choosing A Sanding System for Challenging Situations

In a perfect world all wood would be flat, square and of a consistent dimension.  The reality is the world of woodworking is a world with many profiles, curves and designs that warrant different sanding techniques to meet these challenges.  For every challenge, there is a product or technique that comes along to ease that challenge or solve a common problem.  For flat panel, contours or tight spaces Uneeda has risen to the challenge with an entire sanding system to help woodworkers sand better, saving time and money. 

The Uneeda EkaSilk Plus sanding system takes care of this triple threat to help craftsmen sand better in 3 key areas that are traditionally done with hand sanding or circular orbital discs.  Let us take a look at what is in the system and how each part can help improve sanding performance in these areas. 

First off the Uneeda EkaSilk Plus system starts off with having a wide array of sizes and hole patters available.  The most common however is the 3 inch X 4 inch size used on a small orbital as it is the perfect size for shaker style doors and sanding more intricate profiles and contours. 

EkaSilk Plus also tailors itself to each sanding situation with a choice of three different thicknesses.  Each thickness providing a benefit over hand sanding.

5MM can eliminate all hand sanding for flat situations.  From raw wood prep (pre stain/primer) all the way through the final finish. 

10MM is perfect for Sharker door sanding or other situations where flat sanding up against an obstacle is a challenge. 

½ inch is perfect for all those irregular contours.  With the ½ inch thick foam that is conformable to all types of curves and profiles it can really cut or eliminate the hand sanding of these types of contours to a minimum. 


Other advantages 

  • Flocked/fleece backing to allow a hook & loop attachment 
  • Ekasilk Plus can outlast conventional abrasives up to 30 times because of its unique construction. 
  • Eliminates hand sanding 
  • Consistent finish and throughout 
  • Tear resistant construction makes them very durable 
  • Available in other sizes and forms for maximum versatility.  Also available with holes for dust collection. 

Contact us about other sizes and form that are available. 


Sanding Grades available 

Because of the unique nature of EkaSilk Plus sponges construction, their performance and scratch pattern is a little different than a conventional abrasive disc for example.  Below Uneeda has provided a chart with the rough grit equivalents to help users choose the right grade of EkaSilk sponge for their application.  Choose the grade that matches up to the desired finish.











These work great when paired with Uneeda's EkaSand sander or DynaBrade's DynaBug


Questions?  Let us help you dial in your total sanding solution.  Contact us today!

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