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Paint Prep Made Simple with 3M™ Blue Abrasives

Upgrade To New Abrasive Discs from 3M™

3M's new line of 3M Blue Abrasive discs really hit the mark for speed and consistency in autobody & collision repair applications. Let us take a bit deeper look at what this system entails and if you should convert your shop to 3M Blue Abrasive discs. 


3M Blue Abrasive Disc Features 

Mineral Composition 

3M Blue Abrasive discs feature a blend of ceramic and aluminum oxide on the abrasive pads. Aluminum oxide provides a fast cut rate combined with ceramic for durability and heat resistance on the workpiece. This is great for initial metal prep before the filler is applied, as well as refining the filler after the metal prep is done. 


Anti-loading coating 

3M Blue Abrasive discs also feature an anti-loading stearate to prolong the disc life while sanding fillers. Less loading means fewer discs used per panel when smoothing that filler for speed and efficiency as the operator isn't stopping to change discs all the time.  Also these discs are available with a multi-hole pattern for shops that use dust collection for even longer disc life. 


Grit grade range 

3M™ Blue Abrasive discs are available in a wide array of grits from very course (40 grit) to fine grades just before a primer sealer is applied (800 grit). This means one line of discs can be used for the entire process. All discs are composed on a C-weight paper for durability and flexibility. 


Different forms to fit different needs 

From discs with and without holes to sheets this product has the forms to be versatile in any shop or area. Choose the form that fits your operation best.



Universal Multi-Hole pattern - with alignment guide

3m Blue Abrasives aligns or is compatible with most dust extraction back up pads for dust free operation and easy disc change out. 


Want to learn more about 3M Blue Abrasives? 

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