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How To Finish Stainless Steel: Types & Tips from the Pros

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Stainless steel is still a relatively new product only having been around for about 100 years unlike it's more traditional counterparts, iron, and mild steel.  Stainless steel's breakthrough in corrosion, rust resistance, and durability has made it a material that has found its way into just about every aspect of our lives.  It is found in places you might not generally think, but with these amazing properties comes the challenge of putting an outward finish on it worthy of its contribution to society. How To Finish Stainless Steel Step 1: Leveling the Stainless Steel Weld  Most parts will be welded...

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Which Sander Is Right For You?

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Choosing the right sander to fit the application can have dramatic effects on the final finish.  With all the types and styles of sanders out there, which one should you choose?  This article will give a brief overview on some of the most common types and what types of sanding they are best for.

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Understanding the different quick change disc attachments

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In the world of abrasives there are many different ways to attach an abrasive disc to a variety of tools.  Some are straightforward, while some are not.  Whether you work with metal or wood, this helpful article will differentiate the different attachment methods and help you decide what is best for your application

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How to Choose the Right Abrasive Disc for Metalworking

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Metalworking Abrasive Disc In metalworking choosing the right abrasive disc for the job is not as easy as it sounds.  Careful consideration should be taken into account to optimize productivity, finish and cost.  Every job is different.  What works for one grinding or finishing job may not work for another.  Issues like loading, cut-rate and operator fatigue will all impact the productivity of the operation.  Choosing the right disc is critical for success.  Identify the application  This can be simple, but sometimes key differences in requirements can be overlooked.  Some of the most common applications...

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