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Air Tool Maintenance: How To Keep Your Air Tools Running In Top Performance

Whether your shop is large or small, air tool performance should be of top priority to keep your operating costs in check.

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How to Remove Rust, Paint & Coating the Easy Way

Rust & coating removal doesn't have to be a pain, with the right products. Do you have a project or process that requires some surface prep before welding or surface finishing? In this article we will take a look at some ways to mechanically remove paint, rust or other protective coatings in preparation of the surface for welding, restoration or further processing and fabrication.   Should I Use Chemicals to Strip Material? At first most people would probably look at chemical stripping for various coatings. However there are some obvious drawbacks to chemical stripping, the biggest being safety and all the...

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How To Contour Sand Like A Pro & Eliminate Hand Sanding For Good!

Choosing A Sanding System for Challenging Situations In a perfect world all wood would be flat, square and of a consistent dimension.  The reality is the world of woodworking is a world with many profiles, curves and designs that warrant different sanding techniques to meet these challenges.  For every challenge, there is a product or technique that comes along to ease that challenge or solve a common problem.  For flat panel, contours or tight spaces Uneeda has risen to the challenge with an entire sanding system to help woodworkers sand better, saving time and money.  The Uneeda EkaSilk Plus sanding system takes care of...

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How to Finish & Polish Solid Surface Countertops

How can I make my solid surface countertops shine? Finishing solid surfaces like Staron, Corian, LG HI-MACS, Livingstone, Wilsonart and many others, can be daunting. Customers demand a high end luxury look all at a reasonable cost. However with a little bit of knowledge, practice and the use of the proper abrasives, a high end look can be achieved using these simple guidelines.  Step 1: Refining the Scratch     The key to any good finish is understanding how to use the abrasives to create a non-directional scratch that refracts light in a pleasing manner to the eye.  Generally speaking,...

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How To Fix Abrasive Belt Tracking Problems

Abrasives Helpful hints sandpaper wood working

Abrasive Belt Tracking Troubleshooting Abrasive belt tracking problems can be a woodworker's worst nightmare. It can shut production down and it also creates scrap and waste. In both scenarios loss of time and material can severely affect the bottom line. Here are some of the most common problems that can cause improper abrasive belt tracking.    1. Tension Pressure  Check your tension pressure and set the tension for the type of abrasive belt you are using. Here are some general guidelines.  Paper – 45-55 psi  Cloth – 55-65 psi  Polyester – 65-85 psi.   2. Stock Removal Rate  Trying to remove too...

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